Really simple expression based After Effects preset that automatically scale a layer to fit or fill the composition with the option of maintaining or not the original aspect ratio.
It can be useful in some circumstances where you have to experiment and test with the comp size or in templates where footage can come with different sizes and ratios.
The use is be pretty straight forward, it has 4 Checkboxes – Scale to Fit Maintaining Aspect Ratio, Scale to Fill, Original Size, Bypass – for 5 combinations of use.

Combo 1, Scale the layer to fit the comp size:
Combo 2, Stretch the layer to fill the comp size, it does not maintain the aspect ratio:
Combo 3, Scale the layer to fill the comp size while maintaining the original aspect ratio:
Combo 4, restore the original size of the layer by setting the Scale property to 100%:
Combo 5, bypass the preset and restore the Scale value defined in the layer properties. That means you're still be able to scale the layer manually. In the example below I manually set the Scale property to 150%.
It may appear complicated but it’s not. Check it by yourself.
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